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B.M MUNG'ATA & COMPANY ADVOCATES, established in the year 1995, is a premier law firm providing a comprehensive range of legal services and solutions to an extensive client base.

Uniquely positioned to assist its clients, B. M MUNGATA & COMPANY ADVOCATES has its headquarters at Machakos Town and branches stretched within Nairobi, Syokimau and Makueni in an effort to meet our clients' needs on a real- time basis.

Our practice attracts the sharpest minds and keenest abilities, sourcing our advocates and support staff dedicated to integrity, efficiency and effectiveness whilst living above reproach.

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide quality solutions to our clients' needs while being emphatic and rendering professional personalized services for both new and existing clientele.


To provide satisfactory & in-depth legal guidance and services on a real-time basis.


To be a global entity providing world class legal solutions.

Core Values


Message from the Managing Partner

I am profoundly pleased that B.M MUNG'ATA & COMPANY ADVOCATES with its many years of practice continue to achieve and win in all forms and shapes.

Every milestone the firm has made including its expansion in the region only comes to verify that we are your one-stop-shop for unparalleled legal services and at a time when legal markets are evolving and practice areas widening.

We look forward to creating strong symbiotic relationships and partnerships as well as sharing our victories and successes with you.


We deal with numerous areas of law and pride ourselves in having a wealth of experience in legal practice for the over 25 years we have been in existence. Below is an overview of our areas of practice:

We deal with all matters pertaining to the use and dispositions of land. This includes drafting sale agreements, registration of transfers, charges and discharge of charges. We also give legal advice on intellectual property rights and help with the registration of patents, copyrights, and trademarks and represent our clients before the relevant adjudication bodies.

We render services in Bankruptcy Law, Banking Law, Company Law, Tax Law, and Procurement Law. Our services include drafting of contracts for commercial transactions, incorporation of companies, partnerships, joint ventures, Non-Governmental Organizations (N.G.O.) and Trusts. We also represent our clients before tribunals, boards, and courts within the republic and attend meetings on behalf of our clients.

We draft wills and ensure the same is executed in accordance with the Law of Succession. We also deal with the creation of trusts, represent clients in succession matters and give advice on the administration of a deceased person's estate. Also, we give advice and represent clients in matters regarding child maintenance, divorce, and matrimonial property.

We are defenders of human rights and in doing we represent clients whose rights and/or freedoms have been violated before the High Court. We also handle litigation arising from constitutional issues and render legal advice on constitutional issues.

We give legal advice to political parties, individuals and corporates on their rights, duties, and obligations as per the electoral laws in Kenya. We also represent our clients before the relevant adjudication bodies and courts.

We deal with employment matters (unlawful termination, constructive dismissal, sexual harassment et cetera) and give legal advice on employment issues.

We represent our clients in among other civil wrongs, personal injury claims, defamation, breach of contract, debt collection and work injury claims.

We give advice on land and environmental rights, duties and obligations. We also undertake litigation relating to land and environment.

We represent clients charged with criminal offences ranging from misdemeanors to felonies throughout the republic. These include children in conflict with the law.

The firm encourages alternative dispute resolution mechanisms which is line with the spirit and letter of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010. We have mediation professionals who deal with mediation matters as well as arbitrators registered with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

We give advice on Mergers and acquisitions, restrictive trade practices and represent clients before the Competition Authority of Kenya and the courts.

We advise clients on their duties and obligations as per the Energy Act and regulations. Also, we represent clients before the relevant Energy Tribunal and Courts where necessary.

Our Team

Legal Team

Benard Muteti

Managing Partner

Brian W.

Senior Associate

lucy nzili
Lucy M.


Anne M.


Alex M.


titus mutava
Titus M.


lillian mutuku
Lillian N.


mercyleona keno
Mercyleona G.


benjamin kubo
Benjamin K.


samuel kivuva
Samuel S.


ian kivui
Ian K.


charity muli
Charity M.


Benard Muteti Mung'ata is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and all State Courts, a Commissioner of Oaths and Notary Public and a Member of the Law Society of Kenya. He is the Managing Partner of B.M. MUNG'ATA & COMPANY ADVOCATES, a Legal Practitioner of good standing for the last 28 years- vast in knowledge and experience in Litigation, Electoral Law and Electoral Petitions, Employment and Labor Laws, Alternative Dispute Resolution amongst others. Additionally, he is a competent trial Attorney with notable listening and analytical skills, judgment prowess, an artful Manager and a Certified Mediator.

Brian, an advocate of the High Court of Kenya since March 2016 joined B.M. MUNG'ATA & COMPANY ADVOCATES in January 2015. He holds a Bachelor of law degree from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, a post-graduate diploma from Kenya School of Law. Based at our head office at Machakos town, Brian has gathered experience in matters insurance claims, employment, and labor relations and general mediation and litigation processes.

Lucy holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology and a Post Graduate Diploma from Kenya School of Law. Lucy specializes in Conveyancing Law and Practice including drafting and reviewing of agreements for sale, transfers, loan agreements, registration of mortgages, legal charges, debentures, deeds of guarantee and other bank security documents. Lucy also has proven experience in Child Custody & Maintenance, Divorce &Separation, Matrimonial Property & Succession matters

Anne M. Munyao holds a Bachelor of Laws(Hons) from the University of Nairobi and a postgraduate diploma from the Kenya school of Law. Anne specialises in advising and representing clients in Commercial and family litigation, Constitutional Law and Judicial Review, Employment and Labour Relations, Environment and Land Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution. Her impeccable research skills, thoroughness, understanding and solid grasp of the law places her well above her peers.

Alex Watuka is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and an associate in our head office. Alex has keen interest in Conveyancing, Litigation and Dispute Resolution. An adept drafter, his attention to detail has seen him gain a wealth of experience and the ability to craft innovative solutions for his clients. He holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Nairobi (2018) and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Law from the Kenya School of Law. He was admitted to the Roll of Advocates in January 2022 and is a member of the Law Society of Kenya.

Mutava Musyoki is an Associate based at B.M Mung'ata & Company Advocates head office. He holds a bachelor of laws degree from Mount Kenya University (2018) and a post-graduate diploma from Kenya school of law (2019). He advises and represents clients on a wide array of civil, complex Criminal and environment and land matters. Mutava is a versatile advocate and currently serves as a committee member for the young counsels committee at East Africa law society.

Lilian N. Mutuku is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya. She holds a Bachelor of Laws(Hons) from the University of Nairobi and a postgraduate diploma from the Kenya School of Law. She has a keen interest in litigation and dispute resolution .Most notably,Lilian is adept at personal injury claims,data protection laws , intellectual property law and commercial & corporate law.

Mercyleona Genchabe is a Lawyer and awaiting admission to the Roll of Advocates. She joined B.M. MUNG'ATA & COMPANY ADVOCATES in 2018. She holds an LLB degree (Hons) from Mount Kenya University. Based at the head office at Machakos town. She has gathered experience in matters of law at large such drafting legal documents generally, client interviews, court attendances, insurance claims, probate and administration, civil litigation, conveyancing, criminal litigation, employment and labor relations, commercial law and mediation

Benjamin Kubo Hanjari is an enthusiastic and astute lawyer awaiting admission to the Roll of Advocates. He joined B.M. MUNG'ATA & COMPANY ADVOCATES in October 2022. He holds an LLB degree (Hons) from Kenyatta University. Based at the head office at Machakos town, he has gathered experience in matters of law at large such as drafting legal documents generally, attending to client interviews, court attendances, insurance claims, probate and administration, civil litigation, conveyancing, criminal litigation, employment and labor relations, commercial law and mediation. He has also created a niche on research related topics on emerging legal issues.

Samuel Kivuva Simon, a lawyer and awaiting admission into the Advocates Training Program. Holds a Diploma in Law from NIBS college and Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from Mount Kenya University. Joined B.M MUNG'ATA & COMPANY ADVOCATES in 2022. Based at Makueni office. Has vast experience in legal drafting, court process, court attendances and client interviews and gathered tremendous experience on various fields of law including constitution and human rights, insurance claims, conveyancing, employment and labour relations and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Ian Kieleko Kivui obtained his LLB degree from Kenyatta University before furthering his legal education at the esteemed Kenya School of Law. Currently in the midst of pupilage, he has gathered invaluable experience across various departments at the firm. The wide-ranging exposure includes drafting legal documents, conducting client interviews, attending court proceedings, managing probate and administration matters, civil and criminal litigation, conveyancing, employment and labor relations and commercial law.

Charity Muthoni Muli holds a Bachelor of laws degree from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and is presently at Kenya School of Law awaiting admission to the bar. Muthoni, arguably one of the most bold and brilliant legal student has progressively demonstrated her tremendous liking for civil, criminal, commercial, environment, tax and international law. She also possesses a certificate as a Mediator in Alternative Disputes Resolution mechanisms.

Anchor Team

Gladys N.


Nancy M.

Principal Clerk


Chief Clerk

Patrick M.

Conveyancing Clerk

Stephanie K.


Julius M.


Alex W.

Process Server


Company Secretary

Cecilia M.


virginia masaku
Virginia N.


maureen mwikali


david wambua


Gladys, a solicitous and forbearing lady who joined B.M. MUNG'ATA &COMPANY ADVOCATES in the year 1997. In her capacity, is the longest-serving employee of the firm, skilled and experienced in legal matters and practice. Gladys is a trained Manager with a Diploma of recognition from Kenya Institute of Management a tactful Accountant having pursued Financial Accounts in the same fraternity and most recently a Professional Mediator with Mediation Training Institute (Int'l) East Africa. She is also a holder of a Bachelors' Degree in Theology. It is her zeal for personal development that has seen her through her career development.

Nancy Mwende is a practical yet result-driven lady who serves in the capacity of a Principal Clerk. She is the backbone in the organization ensuring all departments' duties flow symbiotically and effectively. With 23 years of experience, Mwende has seen, observed, practiced and learned practically everything that involves running a successful organization.

Mutindi is the longest-serving clerk in the firm, with 23 years of experience serving in that capacity at B.M. MUNG'ATA & COMPANY ADVOCATES. Having joined the firm as a young, determined, energetic youth with no experience, Mutindi now boasts of her expertise from the many years of on the-job-training she has experienced. She is excellent at her job and well conversant with court procedures. She performs duties related to clerical service i.e. filing court documents, fixing of dates, preparing documents such as orders and decrees which she enjoys among others.

Patrick Mutua is a conveyancing clerk in the firm and is now 8 years in the industry. He holds a degree in theology and a leadership certificate which he accredits for his efficiency in the firm. Mutua joined the firm of B.M. MUNG'ATA & COMPANY ADVOCATES on March 2011 where he has continued to serve diligently in his capacity. His responsibilities in the firm are but not limited to registration of bank charges, title deeds, general land matters, preparation and filing court works, service of court documents and attending to clients on a case to case basis.

Stephanie Katave is a long-serving employee in the firm with 13 years of experience having joined B.M. MUNG'ATA & COMPANY ADVOCATES in 2006. She performs duties across the board including but not limited to banking services, court filings, and delivery services. In her years of practice, Stephanie has bagged the Employee of the Year Award three times and attributes this achievement to her passion for her job.

Julius Muthaisu is a Certified Clerk holding a Diploma in Legal studies and has over 15 years experience. Julius is vast with experience in handling all matters including but not limited to registration of Titles, Registration of Companies, Change of User, Preparation of Charges and all court process.

Alex Wambua Muthenya is a tenacious gentleman, serving in the position of a senior clerk in the firm. He has a broad spectrum of expertise having been in this field for 15years. Alex joined the firm of B.M. MUNG'ATA & COMPANY ADVOCATES on January 2009 where he has continued to provide services. Alex duties include; conveyancing, service of court documents, preparation and filing of court work, attending to clients from time to time, fixing dates at the registries among others.

Basillia Nthiwa, a certified trained secretary with over 5 years of experience in this field joined B.M. MUNG'ATA & COMPANY ADVOCATES in September 2018. Apart from her daily clerical duties, she is a dedicated team player and a constant, present support system to her colleagues, always providing a helping hand when called upon. Based at our head office, she always aims to provide exemplary personalized customer service to our clients in the busy environment whilst making sure that satisfactory solutions are provided to the needs of the client.

Cecilia Mueni is a certified trained Secretary with over 8 years' experience in this field having joined B.M MUNG'ATA & COMPANY ADVOCATES in 2016. Based at Gateway Mall Branch, She provides typing services, Performs Banking services, Court filing, and Service of Court documents. She also provides exemplary personalized Customer service to our clients making sure that the solution is provided. She is a dedicated and hardworking team player.

Virginia Nduku Masaku is a tenacious clerk at the esteemed firm. Since joining us in October of last year, Virginia has played a crucial role in the firm's operations. Her responsibilities encompass a range of tasks, including the registration of bank charges, title deeds, and general land matters. Additionally, she assists in preparing and filing court documents, as well as ensuring the proper filing and service of court documents is done.

Maureen Mwikali is a dedicated and hardworking legal clerk who joined the B.M Mung'ata & Company Advocates firm in November 2022. She holds a Diploma in Law from M.K.U and a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology from the University of Nairobi. Based at Nairobi Branch, her duties include service of court documents, preparation and filing of court documents, conveyancing, scheduling meetings with clients, and attending to clients. Her duties have also evolved to include manning the office registry, keeping the office diary up to date, and opening new files for new matters. Her ultimate goal is to deliver quality services to clients and is always ready to collaborate and work with other colleagues whom she has built effective working relationships with through her outstanding interpersonal skills.

David Wambua is a paralegal who is an earnest and a goal oriented young man having joined B.M MUNG'ATA COMPANY ADVOCATES in 2023. He perceives himself as determined and energetic who is conversant with court procedures. He holds a Diploma of law from the Kenya School of Law and Diploma in I. C. T from Zalego Software training institute He works closely with lawyers to help them prepare for cases, hearings, and trials, his primary responsibilities being conducting legal research, gathering relevant documents and evidence, and drafting legal documents such as pleadings, contracts, and briefs. He also assists in organizing case files, maintaining legal databases, and managing deadlines and court schedules. Furthermore, he liaises with clients, witnesses, and other professionals to gather information, schedule meetings, and provide updates on case progress.

Our Clients


What our clients say :

When you decide to invest your hard earned savings of a lifetime, you need the correct legal advice. This is how I showed up at B.M Mung'ata & company advocates doorsteps. Bernard Mung'ata the managing partner was articulate, knowledgeable and effective to my needs on matters investment and has remained so all through.

James Muema

The entire leadership of Mkono Poa housing cooperative society limited remains grateful to BM Mung'ata & Co advocates for the good relationship we have enjoyed for the last four years. Our experience with this firm can only be described as excellence. All our issues have been dealt with professionally, and accorded all the necessary time and attention.

Chaiman, Mkono Poa